Guidelines For A Home Gym

When you are designing a home gym, there are different things to consider.  This includes the size of the area, equipment used, as well as funds to purchase the equipment needed. Here we will cover these as well as other factors.

Space & Location

The amount of space that you have to put a home gym is very important for the following reasons.

  • It will determine the type of equipment you are able to use.
  • Is a factor on the type of training you can do.
  • Should be comfortable and safely laid out.
  • A good source of lighting is needed.




The environment of a gym plays a important role when starting a gym and should be looked at for the following reasons.

  • Make sure you have a source for music which is a motivational tool.
  • Visual factors assist in motivation so a TV is important to have.
  • Both video and music will assist you with your workouts as a source of motivation, and make them more enjoyable.


The flooring that is used or available is important for the following reasons.

  • Proper flooring will decrease the damage seen to both the floor and equipment.
  • A hard concrete based floor is advised.
  • Padding is important in order to help absorb any shock from weights being dropped.

Equipment Needed

The equipment that you will need to complete your workouts will be both for resistance training and aerobic training. This is a key factor when designing your home gym for some of the following reasons.

      • It will determine the type of gym you are able to use
      • The main factor is the total space available.
      • Equipment may be too large for the area, but other exercises can be used as substitutes



The budget or funds that you have is a key factor when starting a home gym for many different reasons. Some of these include:

  • Will determine the type of equipment used
  • Can determine the type of gym one is able to build
  • Can determine the quality of equipment used

Here is a list of basic equipment needed to start a home gym.

Although the above factors  are true concerning the equipment used, quality, durability, as well as guarantee of any equipment should be considered. Purchasing lower quality used equipment may be an option if you don’t have the funds available, then you may be able to get the better equipment later on.

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