How Do Adjustable Dumbbells Work ?

There are many different brands of adjustable dumbbells on the market. You may ask how do adjustable dumbbells work ? Each brand of adjustable dumbbells work differently. Here is one of a few top selling brands.

Product:  Bayou adjustable dumbbells


Bayou fitness dumbbells are chrome plated and are very easy to use. These series use a turn dial which allows for fast change in weight used, not having to waste much time. Screws are also used which may come loose. The size makes it easy to store. Unlike some  other brands which may have a stand, these have a plate to fit into.


There are over 30 exercises you can do with these, and because theyre sold as a set, its great for multiple users. That’s why it would be better to buy the set that goes to 50 lbs. These would be good for the average person, but may not be the best choice for someone like an athleteorbodybuilder.Durability:

Bayou dumbbells are made with plated chrome and are highly durable. Because they don’t require a stand, you can carry them with you if your going on a trip. Also, you may want to make sure you keep them close to the ground in case they roll from the storage plate. There is also a question concerning the knobs and their ability to break.

Price: For the quality of these dumbbells the price is acceptable, although I would question the fact that only a one year warenty is given. This in my opinion may indicate a lack of surety of the quality of the product by the manufacturer.


There are two different series offered, one going uo to 25 lbs, with the other going to 50 lbs. I would advise using the 50 lb set for anyone that may want a challenge in getting stronger.

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Overall, bayou dumbbells are great for the beginner, but due to the limitation in weight may not be practicle for those experienced with working out. The mobility due to not needing a stand and taking it places is also a plus. Although this is a good product, I would first question the usage of it concerning long term use.

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