Finding the best bumper plates on the market can be quite challenging. You should look at both the quality and price of the product before purchasing. Bumper plates are a great investment for both a home gym or a commercial gym due to their durability and multi purpose usage.

Product: one fit wonder bumper plates



The structure of the one fit wonder bumper plates is very sound. They’re also made of virgin rubber which is highly durable when compared to the recycled rubber used by other brands. The higher density in these plates also allows you to add more weight to the bar since all the weights are the same size.


One fit wonder bumper plates are great for use in a home gym because they’re able to fit into tight spaces. They can also be used by commercial gyms and are made strong enough to take the higher volume of drops that you would see when used at a commercial facility.


These plates have a very low bounce and are able to absorb a lot of shock when they’re dropped when compared with other bumper plates. They also have a more strait bounce and won’t bounce towards or away from you like you see in other brands. 



A great finance option is available for you if you qualify. This is with lease q finance and has no effect on your credit, and you get an instant quote and payment plan.  A 3 year warrenty is also included. The sets offered go anywhere from 230 pounds up to 370 pounds as indicated below. These features make one fit wonder plates a good choice.

$528    160 lbs

$ 588    190 lbs

$720    260 lbs

$ 938    370 lb


These one fit wonder plates are great as a set for home use, especially since they fit into a small space and have minimal bounce. The conversion from kg to lbs on the side also make them easy to use. Finding the best bumper plates is hard, but one fit wonder bumper plates are worth the price. They should be looked into when considering either a home gym or a gym for commercial use.

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