There are many pieces of exercise equipment on the market. Concerning assisting in increasing your core strength as far as ab workout machines go. These machines are all different in the way that they work and are said to help you increase your strength in different ways. Because bio mechanically your core muscles contract when placed in only one position or angle of movement from the body, there are only a limited number of variations.

Abdominal exercises can be done from different positions including the prone position, supine facing up, facing the side, or through a hanging position, using the legs. Here we will discuss some of these exercises that can be done, and look at a piece of equipment that meets the needs of activating all of your abdominal muscles, giving you a complete core abdominal workout.

Product: Core Max Ab Trainer



As mentioned before, there are multiple positions that you are able to used to work your core muscles. This machine allows different positions other than just your basic sit up facing in a supine position. There is one great aspect about this machine when compared to your basic exercises when performed. When you do a sit up or knee up exercise, your muscles are only getting tension and resistance on the way up during contraction. When you use this machine, it maintains that tension through the full range of motion. This allows your abdominal muscles to get stronger in a shorter period, and more complete when you compare this to doing normal abdominal exercises.




  • Works multiple muscles other than just abs
  • Uses spring resistance giving you continued resistance
  • Comes fully assembled
  • Exercise guide and workout DVD are included
  • Multiple resistance levels


  • Limited to the amount of weight that can be supported


As mentioned previously, one unique aspect of this piece of exercise equipment is the simple fact that you can work multiple areas of the body other than just your abdominal muscles. The fact that there are multiple levels of tension that can be used also makes it challenging for both the beginner, and even the experienced. Because there is a nutritional guide included, this will assist you in your weight loss journey since nutrition plays a key role in weight loss.


Overall, this abdominal workout machine is great for anyone that wants to develop a strong core, legs, or even arms since you are able to do push-ups. If you want to develop your abdominal strength or strength in general using body resistance, this abdominal machine is worth looking at.

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