Bumper Plate Comparisons

Bumper plates are a great investment for either a home or commercial gym. There are numerous brands of bumper plates on the market. Here we cover the many different brands of high quality bumper plates and which ones may be best for you. 

Bumper plates

What are bumper plates  ?
Bumper plates are barbell plates made of rubber. The main purpose of bumper plates is to protect the floor when the weight is dropped. Even though these are more expensive than metal plates, they’re recommend over metal plates specifically for Olympic lifts. You can even get custom bumper plates if you need them.

How do they work ?
Bumper plates are usually measured in kilograms  and range from 10 to 25 kilograms which is the same as 25 to 55 pounds. Each plate is the same size and you can still use lighter weight plates when you need to. Because of the motion of the two lifts, the bar used is unique because it has to rotate.

These are great for home use if your considering building a home gym. Some brands are meant only for that purpose and are sold at a much more affordable price. There are different types of bumper plates as well. Some brands of bumper plates are made of composit rubber while others are made from solid rubber. Although the ones that are made of solid rubber are more expensive, it is worth the investment. 

Below is a brief comparison of different brands of bumper plates concerning prices and a description of these high quality bumper plates. I hope this assists you in finding the best set of bumper plates to fit your needs. 

Brands                             Set Price                     Warrenty

Eleiko                             $ 2,344 (355lbs)     $ 6.60/lb            
REP Fitness                   $ 529 (370lbs)          $ 1.43/lb       3 year            
Vulcan                            $ 786 (385lbs)          $ 2.03/lb      3 year            
VTX                                $660 (370lbs)            $ 1.78/lb       1 year            
One fit wonder                $ 938 (370lbs)           $ 2.53/lb      3 year            
American barbell               $ 634 (320lbs)        $ 1.98/lb      3 year            
Titan                               $ 865 (340lbs)          $ 2.54/lb      1 year            
Rogue                            $ 883 (320lbs)          $ 2.75/lb            

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