Finding the best functional gym

There are many pieces of resistance training equipment so finding the best fully functional gym can be hard.  If you choose to purchase a good home gym that has multiple exercises on one piece of equipment, I would do so only if I wanted to maintain my strength or were just starting out.

If you are just starting your workouts, a complete home gym may be a good choice for you. If you know that you only want to maintain your strength levels and would not need additional equipment later on, than this type of home gym would be a good choice. Even if you are just beginning weight training and know that later on you will either join a gym or make a home gym with free weights, this type of gym is still good to start off with. If this is your situation, just make sure that the piece of equipment you use initially isn’t too expensive since you know you will need it only to establish a base of strength.

There are many home gyms on the market today that you can try. Each home gym is different in its own way. This includes the exercises that are available to do, as well as the form of resistance that is being used. Most machines use weight stacks as resistance, but some do not. Here we will cover both the positive and negative aspects of this home gym in order to help you reach a decision on whether this piece may be for you.

Product: Weider 8500 Smith Cage



This has a 90-day warranty on parts

Multiple level smith machine squat rack with adjustable bench

Pull up and lat bar as well as preacher curl pad are included

Has both a high and low pulley

Cables are smooth and can handle a lot of weight

Preacher curl as well as leg extension can come out



May need to add chains to pully to do certain exercises

leg extension and curl bar may be a little narrow

The cables do not support full range of motion for specific exercises

May be challenging assembling so at least two people should do this

Some parts may not be clearly labeled



This home gym uses free weights for resistance as opposed to a weight stack which you see on many home gyms. Weights are not included so you may want to find some inexpensive ones that are not name brand. If you will be using free weights in the future though in a home gym, I would go ahead and purchase a higher quality set of free weights.


Because of the many exercises allowed with this gym, including the smith machine which allows for squats and bench press, it is a great piece for any beginner to use. Unless you see yourself doing lifts such as cleans or snatches, the only other piece of equipment you may need to complete things may be a set of dumbbells.


Overall, this gym allows you do all  basic exercises giving you a full body workout. The only issue I may have would be the cable system, although the issues with this can be fixed. If you are looking at buying a fully functional home gym this is a good option for either the beginner, or if you are experience and just want to save yourself from getting out and going to the gym this piece would work for you.

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