Finding a good exercise bike

There are many types good exercise bikes that are available which makes finding a good exercise bike challenging.  Most exercise or stationary bikes that you see though can be used from anyone from a beginner to the advanced. The range in price of these pieces may be quite different as well. This may be due to differences in technology that is available or other factors.

Although many pieces of equipment for home use will work the whole body more such as an elliptical, treadmill, or rower, stationary bikes are a great tool to use for a good cardio workout. Even though using a bike or stepper isolate the specific muscles being used, they are still very effective in increasing your level of fitness. Here are some great features about one indoor bike that is good for home use.





Can be used in you home in a comfortable setting

Has a feature which can include either live or recorded workouts online

Instructors are motivation and set the pace for you

The class is with numerous riders so you can compare your progress to theirs



Each class is given by different instructors, some of which may use unwanted language

It’s possible for any technical issue to come up

Maintaince concerning the mechanical part will be a concern

Is much higher priced than other bikes




Many of the stationary bikes that you see are much more expensive than others. This could have to do with the name of the bike because I have found many bikes similar in features at half the price of other similar bikes. When you look at this bike in comparison to others, it has many similar features including movable handle bars, horizontal adjustments, varying resistance levels, and a comfortable seat just to name a few.




The main difference in this bike when compared to other stationary bikes is the technology that is used. As mentioned before this includes both live and recorded classes in which numerous people will be doing. Having instructors push and motivate you is also a plus. This bike is great to use for anyone from the beginner to the advanced. I would advise only those that are serious about biking to use them though due to the price. Although the internet and live training is a nice feature, I would probably stay with purchasing a bike without these features unless I just knew that I needed the extra motivation to accomplish my workouts.

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