There are many pieces of exercise equipment on the market. When it comes to resistance training, finding good home gyms can be challenging. When choosing to do a workout at home, you can either choose from free weights, or using a machine with stack weights. I advise the individual that is serious about increasing their strength whether a beginner or advanced to go with using free weights. This is because even most good home gyms come with a limited amount of weight to use and your level of strength will eventually surpass this weight. If you are an individual just wanting to maintain general strength though, a home gym with a weight stack would work for you. Here we go over the features of one of these pieces of equipment and what it may have to offer you.

Every product that you purchase comes with both positive and negative features. Here we will go over both the good and not so good features of this piece of home gym equipment and see if it may be a good choice for you if you want a home gym.

Brand: Golds Gym

Product: xrs 50 home gym


  • Includes some exercises such as pull downs and other exercises not found on some gyms
  • Has up to 280 pounds of resistance for the cable pully system
  • Exercises cover all body parts
  • Weights can be added if needed
  • Comes with an exercise manuel
  • Comes with a 90 day warrenty


  • Has only 112 pounds of weight for resistance
  • The seat is not adjustable
  • Limited range of motion for some individuals
  • May have issues installing the pully system
  • Weight limit of 300 pounds
  • Possible damage upon shipping

Out of the many pieces of home gym equipment that are on the market, this home gym is a good choice for anyone from the beginner to the intermediate individual. Because most if not all exercises are isolation movements, the 112 pounds would be enough for any beginner. One concern that I do have which would make me question purchasing it is the 280 pounds of supposed resistance with only a 112 pound weight stack. The main concern that I have about this piece of equipment is there being no way to adjust the seat, as well as its weight capacity. This being said, if you are of average size and beginning weight training, without time to go to the gym, this piece of equipment will fit your needs.

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