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There are many types of barbell on the market to choose from. This includes Olympic barbells, powerlifting barbells, and multipurpose barbells. The type of barbell that you buy will depend on your training goals. Types of barbells include those for powerlifting, Olympic lifting, multipurpose, and training bars.

Multi purpose bars are best for gyms where many individuals will use them since both Olympic lifts and slower lifts are done, while an Olympic bar or power lifting bar may be better for the individual training solely for that purpose. Here is a great powerlifting barbell for anyone that is doing heavy exercises and needs a stable bar.


Brand: Fringe Sports

Product: Lone Star Power Bar

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The lone star barbell is great for any individual that has a garage or basement gym and is training for power lifting, or needs a bar for basic exercises. The reason it is so good for these lifts is because of the stability of the bar. While multipurpose bars and Olympic barbells have a whip and spin to them for exercises like the clean, the lone star barbell has little to no spin, making it ideal for very heavy lifting. Because of that reason, this barbell is not recommended for your average gym since gym members perform multiple exercises. The lone star barbell is better suited for the individual, or any club that may focus on power lifts. If you own a public gym or do exercises other than just the power lifting lifts, you will want to choose a multipurpose bar, or an Olympic lifting barbell. This barbell is also aprooved by the international powerlifting federation which means it can be used in power lifting competitions.


Concerning the durability of this barbell, it is guaranteed to last a lifetime. The polished steel it is made from assists in lessening the corrosion seen when other types of finishes are used. Also, because the lone star barbell is made specifically for power lifting, it is guaranteed to be dropped multiple times with extremely heavy weights and not be damaged. If there is any damage done though when properly being used, a lifetime warrenty is provided. 

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The price of the lone star barbell is similar to some, but less than other power lifting barbells. When using this barbell, you have a high quality barbell for training at a very affordable price. Other barbell companies can charge twice as much for their barbells as this one, while not having any higher quality. Because it is sold at a very reasonable price, and comes with a lifetime guarantee for any breakage due to manufacture defects, it says a lot about the confidence of the manufacturer concerning its quality.


If you’re looking for a high quality training barbell that is affordable, the fringe sport lone star power bar is a good option. With its structure concerning stability, the lone star barbell works great for any individual training for power lifts. Although this is true, it is not recommended for any individual that will be performing clean or snatches. The durability of the product and lifetime guarantee, also make it a good choice. This barbell is not recommended for any public gym where multiple exercises will be performed by different members, so a multipurpose bar may be your best choice in this situation. If you’re an individual that focuses on power lifts and has their own gym, or own a club that focuses solely on power lifts, the lone star barbell may be one of the best choices for you.

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