When it comes to a home gym, there are many choices on the market. Some of these home gyms are easier to use than others. Even if you want an addition to an existing home gym with weights this would be nice. Here we will cover the basics of one of these top home gyms.

Product: Marcy Smith Cage



A payment plan is provided, and there is no interest if it is paid off within twelve months.

It has a cable strength able to withstand 2000 pounds of pressure

Multi-functional arm press

Leg developer

Includes a smith machine

Includes a pad for preacher curls

Shipping is also free with certain criteria



Weighs in excess of 300 pounds

Requires assembly

Uses weighted plates which are not included


You may want to find someone local that can assist you with the assembly of this product. Below though is a video of the assembly of a similar gym. No specific instructions are given, but it shows the ease and process of the assembly.

You can contact the manufacturer with any questions you may have regarding any issues or concerns.

Overall, this home gym is a great product which covers all body parts, giving you a productive workout. If you have experience lifting and are on the stronger side, it may not be suited for you, but it is great for anyone that is just starting working out, or just needs a good compact home gym.

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