Adjustable dumbbell comparisons

There are numerous brands of adjustable dumbbells on the market. Adjustable dumbbells are great for either commercial or home use. Adjustable dumbbells are great if your starting a home gym. Here is a chart of adjustable dumbbell comparisons. Hopefully this will assist you in choosing the right adjustable dumbbell for your needs.

Adjustable dumbbells

What are adjustable dumbbells ?                                                                        

Adjustable dumbbells are great for use in a home gym, or a public gym. They normally go from 5 pounds, with some all the way up to 125 pounds per dumbbell. There are also many different sets to choose from depending on what you need them for. This will help you find the most affordable adjustable dumbbells for your personal use.  

How do they work ?

Adjustable dumbbells have a great system that will adjust to your personal needs. There are a number of brands to choose from including X mark fitness, Bayou, Bow-flex, Ironmaster, and Power block.  

  Power-Block Bowflex Ironmaster Bayou X mark
Total weight 125 lbs/hand 90 lb/hand 120lb/hand 50lbs/hand 50lbs/hand
Incriments 5 lbs 2.5 lbs 2.5lbs 10lbs 10lbs
Price $956 + s&h  $600 Shipping included $933 Shipping included  $302 Shipping included  $294 Shipping included
Sold as set ? Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Stand included ? No No Yes Yes (individual db) Yes (individual db)
Warenty Lifetime 2 year Lifetime 6 months 1 year
Financing No Can apply No No No

Brand               Max weight/hand            Price/pound              Warrenty

Power-Block             250 lbs (125/hand)  $956 or $3.82/lb      Lifetime      
Iron Master   240 lbs (120/hand) w add                        on kit $933 or $3.88/lb     Lifetime      
Bowflex                     180 lbs (90/hand)  $600 or $3.33/lb      2 years      
Bayou Fitness           100 lbs (50/hand)  $300 or $3.00/lb      1 year      
X mark Fitness          100 lbs (50/hand)  $294 or $2.94/lb     1 year      

Overall, there are many different brands of adjustable dumbbells on the market. Each brand of adjustable dumbbells are unique in their own way.  The prices and dimentions you see here are when purchased from the manufacturer. I hope that the adjustable dumbbell comparisons concerning price and quality help you in purchasing the right set for your needs.

4 thoughts on “Adjustable dumbbell comparisons

  1. Hi! Interesting post! Thanks for showing all the info, price, warranty, etc. I want to be able to use dumbbells at home, but different exercise requires different weight, and I have to get a few different weighted dumbbells, which takes up a lot of space and are pretty expensive. Thanks for sharing about adjustable dumbbells!

    Have you personally tried adjustable dumbbells?
    Of the 5 brands, which one do you recommend the most?


    1. Hi Kai,

      I have never used adjustable dumbbells myself, but after reviewing these different sets, I would choose going with the power block system.

      Many of the other systems do not go up in weight that much, so weather your a beginner or not, you can increase the weight as you get stronger with these, plus you can buy add on weights as you go.

      I would say that the power block system is the way to go. I hope this has been helpful.


  2. Most times when I have gone to a gym to workout, the weights are usually universal gym sets or free weights, which there are a lot to choose from. I like the idea of having all the weights in one block and the color coding looks like it makes it easier to know what weight you have chosen. My concern is about the locking mechanism and how secure it is, do you know how secure the locking mechanisms are and which brand would have the better lock?

    1. Hi LInda,

      From looking at some of the sets, I would say that either the ironmaster or power block sets have a more secure locking system. The ironmaster set probably more so, but it would take more time to change the weights since you have to take the screw out to add the weight, then screw it back on. I think that you use a screw for tightening the plate at the end, while for the power block, there is a interlocking device on each side of the dumbbell.

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