The best total home gyms

There are many pieces of exercise equipment on the market.  If you choose to purchase a good home gym that has multiple exercises on one piece of equipment, I would do so only if I wanted to maintain my level of strength or were just starting out. Here is one of the best total home gyms available.

If you are an individual that is just starting working out and wants to increase and maintain your strength levels, a fully functional home gym may be the best choice for you. Even if you are an individual that sees their self using a gym at a later point, or having your own home gym with free weights, this type of gym may still be a great way to start out. This will allow you to have a base concerning your strength level before you start using free weights.

Each home gym is different in its own way. This includes the exercises that are available to do, as well as the form of resistance that is being used. Most machines use weight stacks as resistance, but some do not. Here we will go over one piece which uses ones own body weight as resistance and how it may help you increase your strength. We will cover both the positive and negative aspects in order to help you reach a decision on whether this piece may be for you.

Product: Total Gym XLS



Has six different resistance training levels

You can do up to 80 exercises

Has a weight capacity of 400 pounds

Comes fully assembled

Instructional DVDs, Cards, and other accessories are included

Can be used for rehab purposes

Easy to change between some exercises making it great for a circuit workout



Bench press and fly exercises may be in an awkward position

The highest weight possible is 44% of ones’ body weight

May not glide smoothly

Heavy and difficult to move

May have some issues with shipping and condition upon arrival


This gym is unique from any other gym that you find on the market. Unlike other gyms that use actual weight for resistance, this gym uses ones’ own body weight. One difference this brings is that the weight being used is constant during the full range of motion. This is unlike using free weights where the level of resistance depends on the angle of the joint and the point in the range of motion you are in. The increase in resistance that is seen when using this machine comes when you incline the bench at an angle.

As mentioned before, a downside to this product is that you can only use up to forty-four percent of your body weight for resistance. Because of this, it is great for anyone that is only looking to stay active and maintain their levels of strength. If your goal is to increase your strength as much as possible, using free weights or another gym system would fit your goals better.

Overall, this home gym is great for anyone that is just beginning with workouts and wants to maintain their strength or just remain active. If your goals are to increase your total level of strength in specific exercises though, looking at a different type of home gym, or getting a gym membership may be a better option. If this gym is combined with a piece of aerobic equipment and maybe some dumbbells it will give you a good total body workout.

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