Finding a good Aerobic Machine

When it comes to finding a good aerobic machine, there are many choices and it may be a challenge.  Here we look at a bike that can be used both indoors and out. Here are some unique features about this piece of equipment and why it may be a good option depending on your goals.


Product: Street Strider


Guarantee and warrenty: This product has a three-year manufactures warranty on defects. This includes any damages to the frame or other parts due to over use. A thirty-day satisfaction guarantee is also included.

Concerning usage, this piece of equipment is good for anyone from a beginner to those that are moderately trained concerning workouts. If you have any previous cardiovascular conditions though you should be cleared with your doctor prior to beginning any workouts.



  • Can be used both indoors and outside
  • Can go up to twenty miles per hour
  • Has both front and rear brakes
  • Made of high quality steel and can hold up to 300 pounds
  • Has adjustable foot and arm positions for almost any shape or size
  • Able to fold up and store when not in use


  • Limited concerning the number of gears and speeds available
  • No electronic device to keep track of heart rate or distance
  • Like bikes or any similar device, should follow rules concerning where it can be used
  • Unsure if it would fit a bike rack if traveling a long distance

The street strider is great for any individual that wants a great workout that can be done both indoors and outside. The fact that this piece of equipment is similar to a bike as well in the sense that it helps with balance is also a plus.

Because it can adjust to almost any size and has different adjustments for the feet and arms is also nice.  A downside to this that I would consider though may be the lack of having a way to keep track of variables such as heart rate. If you are not concerned about this though, this bike may be a good choice.

Because this can be used both indoor and outside, it can be used any time of the year. Some of the limitations previously mentioned may be possible through the use of a fitness watch. Although there are a few questions concerning this product, overall it is great for anyone that needs a good aerobic workout whether inside or outside.

One thought on “Finding a good Aerobic Machine

  1. Wow. This is an excellent piece of fitness equipment. I would say it is a multi-tool. It incorporates great functionality by combining both indoor and outdoor training. By transforming into a stationary indoor elliptical, you can immediately enjoy all the benefits of an elliptical machine.
    I didn’t know that this kind of fitness gear existed.
    I will certainly consider it seriously.
    Thank you!

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