When it comes to finding a good cable machine, you want one that will work every part of the body both upper and lower. Most cable machines you see are in commercial gyms, but they make smaller ones that will fit in your home. 

When you think of a cable machine, you picture a long frame with stacks of weight on both sides. This allows you to do multiple exercises such as cable flyes, triceps press, bicep curls, leg curls, rows, leg kickbacks, and even standing or seated crunches. These machines take up so much space that any of them you see at a commercial gym could not be used at home.


Product: Valor Fitness Cable Machine

Although you by no means could use a cable machine that you see at a gym in your home, there are those made for just that purpose. You are able to do similar if not identical exercises or workouts at home without having to take time out to go to the gym.


The best part about these cable machines is the space that they save all while allowing you to do the same exercises. These make for a great addition to anyones home gym. Here we look at one of these pieces and cover the things that you can use it for as well as its effectiveness in helping you get a productive workout.



  • Very versitle
  • Great space saver
  • Accessories included (handles)
  • Has no weight stacks but uses free weights
  • Very easy to assemble
  • Seventeen different positions that are adjustable
  • Warenty is included




  • Uses only up to two hundred and fifty pounds
  • Weights are not included



One great thing about this machine is that it is very compact and will fit in the corner of the house. (24 inches by 25 inches width and length, and 80 inches in height). There are even mounts included to put on the wall which increases its stability. The fact that a warranty is included also says that the quality of the product is comparable to similar pieces of equipment. In fact, many similar pieces of equipment which perform similar exercises may not have a warranty on them.

If I was looking at a good piece of equipment to add to an existing home gym, or if I was just starting out with designing a home gym, I would consider this piece of equipment due to its space-saving design. Because free weights are used and no weight stacks are needed, this makes it much easier to assemble. The overall design measures make it great for home use and a good addition to any home gym.


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