How do you adjust to aerobic training ?

There are many different types of training that can be done for increased health and wellness. This includes aerobic or anaerobic training. Aerobic which means oxygen is needed, or anaerobic training, which means that no oxygen is needed. This should help you determine what type of fitness is best for you. How do you adjust to aerobic training ? Here we cover some of the equipment used, as well as how your body adjusts to this type of training. 

Types of aerobic training equipment

Different types of aerobic training equipment including: bikes,treadmills, and elipictles. These different types of equipment are all for aerobic training, but they work in different ways.

  1. Elipticle machine: When using an elipticle machine, you use more oxygen in the same period of time when compared to a stationary bike.

2. Stationary bike: In order to burn the same amount of calories on a bike as on an elipictle would take a longer period of time because the bike isolates the leg muscles.

When comparing an elipticle to a treadmill they are similar in the amount of work done.

How do you know how many calories you’ve burned  ?

A vo2 max test must be done. This test measures the amount of oxygen consumed per minute. You know weather or not you’ve improved aerobically:

  1. If the amount of oxygen needed for the same amount of work done in a given period of time decreases over time, your body becomes more efficiant in using oxygen.

2. If the length of training training time increases and the same amount of oxygen is used for the same amount of work, more calories are burned.

You can calculate this because you burn 5 calories per liter of oxygen consumed.

For example:

Pre training:        Oxygen/minute         Total time                  Calories

                           5L/minute       30 minutes              150Lx5cals/L = 750 cal

  1. Post training      3L/minute         30 minutes                90Lx5cals/L= 450 cals

2. Post training: 5 L/minute         45 minutes               225Lx5cals/L= 1125 cals

The first example indicates a improvement in anaerobic performance, while the second one is aerobic in nature.

Although the same amount of oxygen is consumed in the second example, the subject has better aerobic endurance and can workout for a longer period of time.

What are the best brands of bikes, elipticles, and treadmills ?

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